Nations are the lifeblood of the world, they are what bring together people, industry and culture, uniting those with a like mind into a group that protects each other from outside threats. Without nations, the world would crumble into chaos, yet each nation is as unique as the races that reside within them. These difference can often cause strife, as well as peace, causing the world to constantly shift around ever changing alliances and wars.

Below is a look into the many Nations that have laid claim to land across Tephra. Nations with stars next to their name currently have playable nationalities in our game. It is also important to note that Evangless is the melting pot of Tephra, and as of such has been a large focus for many of our adventures and expansions (although expansion material for the other nations is quickly being put into development).

Other nations you'll find in our books:

– Arakrith
– Old Paldorus
– Siyesh
– Tordryon
– Valdru