Explore the world of Tephra!

Don your top hat and grab your aether-blasting shotgun – you are about to enter the steam-powered world of Tephra. Enjoy the elegance, poise, and aesthetic of a Victorian world while you’re ripping 50 calibers through airship pirates, sword-fighting with gentlemen swashbucklers, and taking down hulking automatons with nothing but your hunting knife clenched between your gritted teeth.

Explore the world of Tephra through the eyes of your adventurer, searching the world for intrigue, mad science, and great battles. Your adventures will take you to wild places, from fights with sky pirates aboard massive airships to bizarre automatons inside speeding locomotives. Many unique peoples walk the world, from the water-breathing ayodin who have recently come to the surface, wielding their unknown technologies, to the hulking, uncivilized elves, who are building a culture through bio-mutation. The skies are rife with terror, as the exiled people of Paldorus plunder the lands aboard their great stormships and the many sky pirates ensure that no merchant vessel can travel unarmed. The industries of the world are booming. Some cities are covered in a constant layer of ash and soot while others are pristine, beautiful, and thriving on trade.

Science is invading the world, and nothing can slow it down. Every race has been marked by its progression. The elves, powerful and noble savages who have long kept to themselves in the forest, recently discovered that they could inject themselves with synthetic essence and become angelic, divine beings: farishtaas. The satyrs, who, hundreds of years ago, were engineered by the great Haudi Empire to act as servants, and many are still fighting for their freedom today. Automatons roam the streets, today in greater numbers than ever. In the old kingdom of Paldorus, radiation has destroyed their land, and, today, the refugees of Paldorus have no home to return to: only airships to sleep in and cannons to rely on.

Advancement comes with a price. While some live in a utopian world, others are forced to live by their wits. The world is changing. Will you change with it or will you be consumed by the fires of science?