Big Things on the Horizon!

Big Things on the Horizon!


The last few months have been a busy and crazy few months for us. We’ve undergone some large changes in the company that are making us into a sleeker more efficient machine and we can’t wait till you guys get a chance to see the awesome content we’ve got coming up!


Here is a small preview of what we are working on right now!


Automaton PDF Expansion

An in depth look into the existing types of automatons, their place in the world, how they work, and cleaned up versions of their creation rules. It will also expand your  possibilities with three new types of automata!


Izeda – the Desert of Lost Empires

The Quist is the vast desert that covers most of Izeda. It has been arid for all of written history, but the Laquaian civil war made it inhospitable. Laquai stood strong, unconquered by even he Haudi empire. However, the civil war decimated both its architecture and environment. Only a hundred years later did its citizens stir, and only recently have they begun to retake and rediscover their home.


Adversary Book

Looking for an adversary to throw into your game? Grab this book and lets get fighting some awesome enemies! The adversary book will contain all sorts of monsters, enemies, and other dangers for your players to encounter, along with rules and guides for creating your own enemies.
More information on all of these products will be coming soon, keep a look out!