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  • NewsHeaderTemplate_Greatairshiprobbery The lost Dragoons of the 7th created flying mechanical mounts, and they’ve been some of the most successful highwaymen since the war’s end because of it. Now the Intrepid is their mark, and the adventurers are going to have to step in, get their hands dirty, and fight off these bandits in the open skies over Tephra. It’s going to be a crazy ride, that’s for sure.    The Great Airship Robbery is an adventure set in Tephra: the Steampunk RPG. It includes a slew of fully-statted adversaries, allies, and other NPCs just waiting to get in the way of the adventurers’ plight. The adventure includes maps, hooks, and more to get your game going fast!   This adventure is a great introductory adventure for new Tephra players, but can also be a good way to start off a great saga. It is suitable for a group of first-level adventurers.   This adventure is available as either a standalone PDF for $5, or - for just $7 more - you can purchase a softcover printed version of The Great Airship Robbery adventure along with an immediate digital PDF copy. Make sure to select which version you would like to purchase from the drop down menu. label_black_buy
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    ChupacabraCon After Action Report

    A few weeks ago, a wild Chupacabra struck Austin, so Cracked Monocle struck back! ChupacabraCon exploded onto the tabletop gaming scene as a phenomenal first-year convention. With a great focus toward RPGs it was the perfect place for us to go, hang out, have some drinks, meet some people, and be awesome.   (more...)
  • Gaming-Expo-920x518   For years there have been several events that have truly taken over the city of Austin TX in both attendance numbers and in spirit. We are proud to announce today that we will be joining the throngs of people at one of the biggest.   From March 7th-9th, 2014, Cracked Monocle will be setting up shop at one of the fastest growing gaming events in Texas, THE SXSW GAMING EXPO!   (more...)
  • BioFluxinEvangless   The Legality of Bio-Flux in Evangless By Professor of Law, D. Medliff Finegan   Biological engineering has been a major and accepted science for centuries, ever since the Haudi Empire bio-engineered the satyr race. Over a century ago, wide-spread essence manipulation became standard in Dalvozzea through the farishtaa conversion procedure. That, however, was one of the first instances of the science we now know as bio-flux altering still living people. Since then, bio-flux has spread immensely, its popularity grown, and we are now forced with a question both ethical and legal. (more...)