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Tephra has a long and detailed history, however we built this world and history simply to help narrators who want to use. Don’t ever feel that you NEED to use our setting just to play Tephra. Our game and world is developed as a jump board for your own imagination, take our ideas, adjust, build and expand. Make our world yours or simply create your own from scratch!


Below is a look at the timeline for our settings history and some of the key events in its history.

843 – Present Day.

839 – Evangless Civil War Concludes.

837 – Evangless Civil War Begins.

837 – Hurricane Wars End.

828 – Graviton Spheres First Used on the Surface.

826 – The Hurricane Wars Begin.

826 – Ayodin Exodus.

767 – The Loveless Wars End.

764 – The Loveless Wars Begin.

751 – Velkya Luthricien creates her second wondrous city, Aldamiir, the city that sits upon the clouds.

715 – The elven scientist Girazza isolates essence and creates the synthetic essence procedure. After some tests, he uses on himself, becoming the first  Farishtaa.

680 – Duke Alzitroi VIII invents the first steam engine.

397 – After a number of failed Haudi bio-engineering experiments, the Hauds create the first successful satyrs

Year 1 – The Haudi had long been slaves to a higher race (sometimes referred to as angels). Then one slave rose up and overthrew their oppressors becoming the first Haudi Emperor and marking the beginning of the Revolutionary Era ( RE ). Most written history predating this date was destroyed during the initial revolution.

From 837 to 839


Six years ago, with the conclusion of the Hurricane Wars, Evangless was ready to crown its boy king, Deylus Luthricien. The military tribunal that had been running the nation during the last few years of the Hurricane Wars openly stated their support of the coronation and all of the crimson marshals arrived in Aldamiir to celebrate. However, during the coronation, Crimson Marshal Jarvis Galaunt uncovered a coup, sequestering the newly crowned king away and locking up the rebellious marshals. Two crimson marshals joined Galaunt, Nathaniel Ferrato (known to many as Nosferatu, the original and oldest crimson marshal) and Godard Regaltus. Soon after the coup, the crimson marshals escaped the prison in Aldamiir, refound their militaries, and the civil war was on.


The civil war became a war between the Militarists (those who sided with the crimson marshals) and the Royalists (those siding with King Deylus and the Luthricien lineage). Though the Royalists were outnumbered 10-to-1 throughout most of the war, Deylus’s top supporter, Galaunt, out-maneuvered the enemy Militarists constantly. Early into the civil war, Godard Regaltus was killed on the field of battle, and near the end Ferrato was expelled from Aldamiir and executed by the Militarists.


During the civil war, the Royalists unleashed a number of new, remote-controlled automatons onto the battlefield, heavily altering the way wars are fought. New weapons were common, as were new airship designs.


Eventually the civil war concluded during the Siege of Aldamiir. Rain was heavy, and most of the floating city of Aldamiir was forced to land. During its landing, the enemy Militarist forces invaded. Jarvis Galaunt lured the Militarist forces onto one of Aldamiir’s stratums, then lit the gas lines, engulfing that portion of Aldamiir in flames and destroying the old royal palace and parliament. However, the dent it made to the Militarists wasn’t enough. Jarvis Galaunt had acquired a new flying fortress during the civil war, a gift from Jayro-Tiin. At the last moment, he was able to activate it, engulfing the essence of thousands of troops below. It is said that Galaunt was then able to just jump down from the fortress and single-handedly finish off the rest of the militarists in Aldamiir.


The civil war concluded soon thereafter, and King Deylus Luthricien moved to Razule to set up his government. Crimson Marshal Galaunt stayed in Aldamiir, declaring it an independent city-state and himself as governor. Only a few of the traitor marshals survived the war.


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From 826 to 836


Lasting from 826 to 836, the Hurricane Wars pitted nearly the entirety of the continent of Rilausia against the ayodin of the Maselos Sea. Begun by the ayodin, the war grew from a series of hit-and-run raids into full on invasion of the surface and was one of the bloodiest eras in recent memory for nearly all nations involved. The surface was warned in part by the ayodin of the Exodus, a cultural and geographical movement that saw peace-loving ayodin in the tens of thousands make a move inland to fresh water, bearing news of the war’s beginning in exchange for amnesty. They swam too slowly though, and the capitol of Zelhost, Khemli, was sacked right at the war’s onset.


Zelhost was not the only nation to suffer. Tordryon lost their scholar king to one of the Maselos’ most vicious war heroes, Viscelmus, or Viss as he became known in later years. Evangless and Dalvozzea fared little better, though no power suffered as much as Paldorus. The Paldoran Catastrophe was a result of the Paldorans development of aether technology to such an extent where the devices were present in every home and office. Unknown to the people, the devices emitted severe radiation and the land and its occupants soon grew terribly ill and died in the millions. The poisoning of their country removed Paldorus from the board, leaving the rest of the countries open to vicious attacks without their formidable vanguard watching the sea board.


Though the ayodin were led by some of the most notorious names of their day and age – Viscelmus, Holocaust, Hurricane, Swordfish and Faceless to name but a few – they were repulsed in time. The conflict threatened to drag on and on, with both sides losing taste for the blood they drowned in on a daily basis. An accord was reached in the early spring of 836, and there has been an uneasy truce since, though ayodin piracy is still rampant and a stigma surrounds those from the sea among the veterans and fighting men of the conflict to this day.