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Tephra Iconic Characters

We have available 5 Iconic Characters for Tephra; The Steampunk RPG. These characters represent just a fraction of what you can do with our system and all are fully stated out with background stories and art! Feel free to use them as pre-created characters, adversaries, or however you see fit!




















Fiktal vosz-Khalish comes from an old, well-respected Haud family. His father is a great general in Zelhost  who still lives by the creeds of the old empire, and Fiktal’s childhood was built on high expectations and  pride-stained failures. A few years ago, Fiktal fought in a duel with another noble’s son and was gravely  injured. He lost his arm and, unable to cope with the shame, exiled himself. He found himself in Evangless, looking for work, but few were willing to hire a Haud warrior with one arm who carried a sword that clearly needed two hands to wield. Yet time after time, Fiktal proved that he could wield the enormous sword with  just one hand. Over the years he saved up enough money to learn a new trade: Fiktal learned the basics of  clockwork automata and built himself a prosthetic to replace his missing arm. Today Fiktal is a force to be  reckoned with, a brutal blade-wielding warrior from a foreign land.



Few people know much about the gnome named Fritz. A lot of people know that “Fritz” isn’t Fritz’s real name, but the background knowledge stops there. He tends to be prudent and cautious, wise and thoughtful… until he’s not (and when Fritz makes a decision, he makes everyone quite aware of it). Though less than two feet tall, Fritz always makes his presence known, and – when his personality doesn’t work – he always has some other way to make a boom.



Henry Black has fought in many wars as an Evanglessian officer. He was born in the gentry, the Black Estate his by inheritance. He married young, his wife Misses Jessica Black. He fought for years in the Hurricane Wars, then for the Royalists in the civil war. While he chose the Royalists’ side, his wife chose the Militarist. She seized his family assets and attempted his murder. He survived, though not without a few scars, and went on to serve honorably during the war. He was knighted for his efforts. After the wars, he joined the Tailemite Church, trying to spend his final years as a priest. The crusader within him rebelled, and he attempted law enforcement. He was an officer of the law for a brief time before he found the system to be corrupt and inefficient. Though he tried to change it, he felt he was losing grasp on his life. He instead took to the field, helping people in whatever way he could, spreading justice and the church of Tailemy with every breath.



Born into a wealthy elven family in Dalvozzea, her family decided while she was still young to infuse themselves with essence and become farishtaas. The effect was more traumatic than they hoped. Her once close family failed to recognize each other, and Lilian grew aloof and lonely. She become rowdy, almost violent. Her personal servant, Yahto, guided her through these tough times. The Isis family fractured, but paid for Lilian to attend university in Daion. She gained a reputation for her elitist, often irrationally violent nature. She graduated with top honors, but, unwilling to return to her old estate, she moved south, to Evangless, hoping to learn everything she could about essence, aether, automatons, and warfare.



Valerie “Val” Godrick was born a free spirit in the satyr plains of Arakrith, but the war with Siyesh overtook her clan and her freedom was stripped from her. She was shipped to Zelhost, where she spent her teenage years as a rebellious slave, often beaten and traded from owner to owner in the Haudi Empire. She learned to avoid trouble and eventually slipped her way out of her master’s grasp and away into Evangless. There she stayed with the Godrick family who helped her settle into Evangless, learn the language, and make a living. Unfortunately, Val was not cut out for staying in one place for too long, and she had to bid them farewell and make her own way in the world.